Earth Day, Creation Care & Stewardship

During the month of April, the COMPASS blog is providing space for questions and reflections related to Earth Day and creation care. To start this month’s series, I thought I would share some of my own thoughts and reflections.

EarthPsalm 24 begins, “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it, the world, and those who live in it.” (NRSV) This claim has great implications for our understanding and interaction with the earth and all of creation. I begin here because COMPASS provides space for reflections around faith, finances and stewardship for young adults.

Sometimes when we think about stewardship, we only think about money. In his book Shalom Church: The Body of Christ as Ministering Community, Craig Nessan writes that, “Contrary to prevailing stereotypes, stewardship is not only about money. Instead stewardship has to do with responding to God’s generosity by caring for all God has entrusted to us” (127).

Buddy with Allison and Me

Buddy with Allison and Me

As I think about the ways I care for all that God has entrusted to me, a few initial thoughts come to mind:

  • My wife Allison and I have a pet cat named Buddy. We care for Buddy as a part of our family.
  • We own one car.
  • We try to recycle as much as we can.
  • We turn off the water while we brush our teeth.

I could go on, but these are a few examples of how we are trying to care for all God has entrusted to us.

Some aspects of creation care are probably easier for young adults to do than others. For example, using less transportation (like having one car like Allison and I have) or public transportation may be a financial necessity. Reducing our use of technology and resulting consumption of electricity may be a harder commitment to make. Millennials and young adults have grown up with computers, laptops, television, cellphones, etc. which we are largely dependent on for work, livelihood and entertainment. Do we think about how this effects our carbon footprint because of the electricity used to power them?

On a larger scale, because of the issues of natural resource usage and climate change, Millennials wonder what kind of earth is they are inheriting. What are the implications, for example, of the great water emergencies in California on food supply sustainability, the provision of life, etc. and our life and consumer choices related to them?

Reflecting about Creation

Reflecting about Creation and the way we steward it.

During the month of April we will try and unpack some of these questions as we reflect about creation and the earth in observation of Earth Day.

Things to Consider

How often do you use electricity? How much water do you use in your daily life? Do you intentionally recycle? Do you think or reflect about the way you use the earth’s resources?

Future April blog posts will feature perspectives from others related to creation care and stewardship of the earth. If you would like to share a story or reflection as part of this series, please let me know, and welcome to the conversation!

Image Credits: Earth and Question and Reflection.

This blog is a component of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center’s COMPASS initiative to engage young adults in conversations about faith and finances. Like what you see and want to know/do more? Visit the COMPASS web page and join the COMPASS community on Facebook.

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