Happy Earth Day!

During the month of April, the COMPASS blog is providing space for questions and reflections related to Earth Day and creation care.

earthdayapril22Happy Earth Day!

Previously on the blog we began to share some reflections about environmental stewardship, creation care and the way we care for the Earth. As today is the actual day that we celebrate Earth Day, here are 9 questions for reflection that I am using today, but perhaps you too might find useful:

1.) How do I actively find ways to “reduce, reuse and recycle?” For example, in thinking just about paper products, how many napkins do I use when I eat a meal? How many paper towels do I use when using a public restroom? Do I use both sides of paper before recycling it?

2.) How much water do I consume each day for daily chores and cleanliness? How much of it is used outside? In what ways might I reduce my water usage?

3.) In what ways might I be able to reduce my carbon foot print through driving less or using mass transit more intentionally?

4.) How might my asking questions and inviting conversation about the care of the Earth make an impact in a positive way?

5.) What does it really mean when we are reminded that all we have has really been entrusted to us by God? What are the implications of this on our daily life?

6.) In what ways might I be able to help clean and steward the natural habitats around me by volunteering or participating with local efforts to restore streams and watersheds?

7.) How can I make a positive impact in my own community in creating for the earth?

8.) In my travels and experiences, what is the most unique or ingenious way I have seen by someone of creatively stewarding natural resources?

9.) When thinking about the hymn “For the Beauty of the Earth,” what images come to mind as you listen to the lyrics or sing them?

Oh, and for a bonus question, how might God be calling or leading me to respond to the needs of creation?

What do you think of these questions? How are you observing Earth Day today or this week?

Image Credit: Earth Day

This blog is a component of the Ecumenical Stewardship Center’s COMPASS initiative to engage young adults in conversations about faith and finances. Like what you see and want to know/do more? Visit the COMPASS web page and join the COMPASS community on Facebook.

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