Money autobiography

By Matt DeBall Crossovers always have the potential to be energizing and enjoyable. Sometimes they happen on our favorite TV show or in a beloved movie series (special shout out to fellow fans of DC Comics or Marvel). Other times … Continue reading

What is your money, debt management, and generosity type?

By Beryl Jantzi  It’s been suggested that Americans fall into one of four groups when it comes to how we manage money. Maybe as you review these four models, you can identify your own, and decide what changes, if any may, … Continue reading

Affording College: Before, During, and After

By Beryl Jantzi There is an old adage that says, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today.” The same could be said about preparing for the financial realities of paying for … Continue reading

Money, marriage, and the world of millennials

By Beryl Jantzi There are a number of good resources currently available for pastors to use when working with couples getting ready for marriage. One of my favorite inventories to use with couples when I was in congregational ministry was … Continue reading

What is your money, debt management, and generosity type?

During February the COMPASS blog is sharing some Faithful Fun with Finances. Today, we welcome back regular contributor Beryl Jantzi to the blog who shares about and asks, “What is your money, debt management, and generosity type?” It’s been suggested … Continue reading

Cultivating a grateful and generous spirit

The calendar has turned to November. Some places have already received their first snowfalls of the year. Others have seen the leaves change colors and drop. In most of the United States and Canada, Daylight Savings Time has ended and … Continue reading

Baby Steps Towards a Financially Balanced Life

During the month of May COMPASS is giving space for conversations and questions about “What’s Next?” Specifically we are thinking about budgeting and student loans during and after graduation and the life transitions that commonly begin during this month. Today … Continue reading

What’s Next? Budgeting, Graduation and Student Loans

Happy May! Where has the year gone already? With it being May, many of you are probably experiencing the joys (or challenges) of finals, preparing for graduation, or at least supporting friends and/or family who are going through them. May … Continue reading